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Hitachi 55" Rear Projection Widescreen Television

55" (140cmV) Widescreen Rear Projection Television

Enjoy home cinema pictures on an epic scale with our 55" (140cmV) rear projection television. It sports a 6-lens system to deliver our brightest rear projection picture ever, and a built-in Dolby Digital Surround Sound System with DTS and MPEG capability to make the most of DVD movie soundtracks.
  • 55" (140cmV) Widescreen TV
  • Progressive Scan technology
  • 100Hz Natural Scan
  • Magic Focus
  • Super Bright 6 Lens System
  • Lenticular Screen
  • Dolby Digital/MPEG Multichannel/DTS Surround Sound
  • 105W RMS Output
  • Surround Sound Speakers Supplied
  • Built-in Centre Speaker
Price: 3999 / EUR 5078.73

Code: C55WP910TN

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